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Logan Antique Mall Blogs!!!!! Please post a blog about us!!! Thanks for visiting our store and website!!!! Owners Brian and Elly Bowlby

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Welcome to our blog site!

Welcome to Logan Antique Mall Blog, we have been in business since 1995 with over 100 dealers. Stop by and visit us, open daily!


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Sep 20, 2023

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doit your self
doit your self
Aug 07, 2023

What a charming spot you have there in Logan, Ohio, just a short 20-minute drive from the stunning Hocking Hills State Park! Your dedication to being open 7 days a week and even on most holidays truly shows your commitment to providing a wonderful antiques shopping experience.

For anyone looking to explore the local gems around Logan, your antique shop is definitely a must-visit. And if you're aiming to boost your local presence even further, consider the power of local SEO backlinks. These backlinks can help ensure that your antique haven gets noticed by a wider local audience, making sure that every antique enthusiast in the area finds their way to your shop.

Keep up the fantastic work, and I'm…

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